ARY - Autonomous Mobile Robots

Some examples of current and past ARY,

including some of our other mobile platforms 
Examples, including videos, relative to : 
1.a Robocup-at-Home 
LaRA and Robotics at Home 
1.b (Swiss)Eurobot: 
Eight of our robots: Examples in French - click to go  
e. g. Lomu reference 
Eurobot at Yverdon-les-Bains:  
- Euronews 1 - english (".rm",1.4 Mb) 
- Euronews 2 - english (".rm", 1.25 Mb) 
- Statislive at Eurobot 05  
2. Autonomous mobile robot: NewOne (".mpg", 26Mb): following light ... using moustaches ... both (tested with VLC player) 
ref. Sylvain Charmillot 
3. Planet rover structures:  
"Concept E" rover (".avi", 9.37 Mb) 
ref. Nicolas Uebelhart  
4. Serpentine: 
Autonomous city vehicle in 3D simulation , through Yverdon-les-Bains (".fli (.zip)", 14 Mb) (tested with Aaplay) 
In real in a private company, including our control system. 
Early stages included "BigFoot", a 100kg payload, remotely controlled platform (wireless), later on autonomously following another Serpentine vehicle. 
ref. Serpentine 
Work in progress. ... 
... also in 2D simulation: trajectory tracking ...  
and in real: in convoy. 
5. Articulated legs "EH2R3" (initially designed as a dextrous hand): 
... in simulation (2 legs),  
(".fli (.zip)", 1 Mb) (tested with VLC) 
... in real (with additional 2 wheels for robust locomotion,  
... in simulation (4 legs) QuadruPC 
(".fli (.zip)", 1 Mb) (tested with VLC) 
6. Single-leg platform "Bergy", with 2 back wheels (in concept could be replicated for biped and quadriped platfomes): 
7. Functional locomotion structures of planet rovers (Hands-on education)  
Fido-type rover: ref. S. Salerno & L. Camax(international); ref. S. Salerno & L. Camax (CH, 2002). 
Sojourner-type rover: ref. D. Turchi et al. (international); ref. D. Turchi et al. (CH, 1996). 
8. MEPI Robot (Melledu-Pittet)  

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